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[ Phone : Unfiltered ]
[ To everyone she inconvenienced because of her stupid decision; to anyone who recognizes her voice at all, anymore... Meiling, who has been out of the house for most of that time (especially when she was ripe for being hunted), has just one thing to say: ] I'm sorry, everyone. I'm so sorry...

[ Action : 340 Brady Lane ]
[ After that brief phone time, Meiling has left the house once more. She doesn't get far, collapsing in a pile on the porch. She can't face anyone; not yet, but if she doesn't stay near the house she'll just be droned and that will make everything worse.

So she just stays there, clothes ragged and with spots of dried blood here or there, no hat or gloves or scarf or anything that could feasibly protect her against the elements.

Not that it seems to bother her as she looks at passing citizens with empty eyes. ]
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[ Action : 340 Brady Lane : Closed ] )
[ Action : Makeout Point : Sunset ]
[ Once the sun approached the horizon, and after flying around aimlessly, Meiling can be found slumped against a tree near the popular parking lot. The trunk of it is bent as if something much, MUCH larger than a woman had slammed right into it, and several torn branches are strewn about the equally large indentation in the ground around her.

This is what happens when one spontaneously loses the ability to fly, while in mid-air. Open landing, she lost the strength and form of her youkai body, so everything about her seemed duller than normal. Her skin was dirty and scraped, her hair was more of a natural red hue than the iconic blazing color one would be used to, and her blue eyes don't have the luster they normally would.

Why should they? They've all said it. She's a replacement; a shell of her former self. Whatever she chose to give up to make everyone happier didn't work at all, and now she's stuck somewhere in the middle of all that, unable to muster up enough energy to even sleep. ]

(OOC: This is all taking place the morning of the "missing" people, and Meiling herself has been erased. Have fun with that!)
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[ Action : 340 Brady Lane : Sunday mid-day ]
[ It might be difficult for outsiders to tell that something was off about Meiling, at first. As a drone she was a touch more pleasant and carefree, a bit more diligent with her work, and much more subservient to her "husband". At school she was pleasant and diligent and a good, hard worker.

But today, the vacuum cleaner in the living room is on and just... running in place. A quick investigation will show that it is on and sitting flat on the floor beside the couch. The couch that a certain redhead is dead asleep on.

...drone!Meiling did not understand the importance of proper rest, so that's why Meiling, having snapped out of it, decided to rectify this at the cost of all else happening around her. ]

[ Action : Mayfield Elementary : Monday Afternoon ]
[ Dressed in her usual overalls for her work, this particular janitor is mopping the halls rather dully. She isn't humming to herself as usual, or trying to make a show of cleaning for anyone still milling about after school. Meiling is definitely not all there, but at least it's obvious from the lack of a genial smile that she is no longer droned. ]

[ Phone : Monday Evening ]
[ That's both the longest and most frightening droning period ever for her, so those who know her might notice that she's just barely keeping the disappointment inside. This place can make her break just about any promise, it seems... ] Um, hi Mayfield. It's Meiling. I was told I was out for a little while, now, so I want to say I'm sorry to anyone who wanted me for any reason! I'm all better now, I pro-- .

[ Deep breath. ]

I'm pretty sure I am, I mean.
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[ Action : Private ] )

[ Action : 1647 Albright Lane ]

[ Anyone looking outside one of the top floor windows might have a bit of a problem. You see, there's a large mass of red-and-green blocking the view. It's hard to tell what it is so close, but it is shifting from time-to-time, and there's a low rumbling as it...... snores? ]

[ From outside, it's much more obvious as to what is going on. There is a giant freaking green DRAGON snoozing on the roof. She's taking over the entire top of the building, her tail occasionally dangling near the top of the front porch, flicking occasionally like a lazy cat's, and her whiskers twitch as she sleeps. Of course, with the lack of wings, it might be just easier to mistake her for some kind of napping serpent.

But she's smiling, and not rotted at all, so it totally looks like you could bother her... right? Don't mind the dismembered zombies and the hunk of broken chimney in the front yard. She'll clean it up... eventually. ]

((OOC: I don't have many actual dragon icons, so pardon me! OTL They would be terribly inconsistent.

ETA: Trigger warnings for zombieness, gore, and death in the thread with Sakuya.))
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[ Action : Olney's Tavern : Open ]
[ If you're a regular at the bar, you might notice a new sigth in one of the stools. A tall red-haired Chinese woman in a plain green dress is making herself right at home, even if the drone workers don't particularly care about serving her anything other than weak, fruity, feminine drinks.

That doesn't mean she hasn't been trying to sweet-talk them into it for the better part of an hour. And by sweet-talk, I mean whining pitifully because she really doesn't want to get thrown out for taking matters into her own hands. ]
--c'mo~on. Can't you just pour me something a little stronger? I'm going to need a whole lot more than this. [ She remarks, fingernail grazing the edge of the colorful cocktail glass. ]

[ Action : Around Town : Open ]
[ Later, no matter how much she had to work at it, she managed to get herself sufficiently smashed (for a short while, at least)! You can encounter her:

1) Wandering the neighborhood, humming some old tune to herself as she sways.
2) Attempting to enter your home and not realizing why her stupid key isn't working...
3) Napping on your front lawn. ]
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[ Action : Park : Open ]
[ Meiling can be found working out a bit in the park, but she's not alone. She has to stay on top of her game, and take advantage of her newly re-acquired youkai physique. This means she has an [ profile] there_were_none with her to keep her on her toes!

--Which translates to a young blond girl clinging to her, hanging off of her, balancing on her foot while Meiling does impossible stretches, or one whom she treats to a rousing game of "airplane" as she takes a break.

It's not that she means to show off, but today is just such a nice day! Won't you join her? ]

((OOC: Threads can come in three flavors! Meiling, Flandre, or Mei+Flan! We will respect your preference if you state it in the subject line.

Feel free to use this post to make any voice calls to her, too))

[ Action : 340 Brady Lane : Housemates ] )
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[ Phone : Open ]
I had to go to work today. People are killing each other left and right and it was like nothing was different at school. [ Meiling's characteristic carefree nature is absent from her tone. The past few days have been hard on her, even in isolation, as she cannot escape the emotional aftermath of all this senseless bloodshed.

And the strangest part of this? She hasn't hurt a soul. ]
I don't get it -- don't people care?

[ There is a brief pause. ] They had me clean up after a fight, too... [ You would think that wouldn't unnerve someone who has lived as long as she has, but... ]

I can't believe this place.

[ Her voice drops. ] What if I saw him there? I could've-- [ She cuts herself off with a sharp slam of the handset onto the receiver. ]

[ Action : 340 Brady Lane ]
[ Meiling stands at the edge of the property, the stone path behind her and strong fencing at her flanks. The concrete is cracked in a wide circle beneath her feet, as if someone had been trying to pound a heavy weight into the ground.

The post with the mailbox atop it? Distinctly absent. After receiving her letters today (there were two at once), and spying a third for Miss Patchouli, she had angrily ripped it from the ground and thrown it into the garage. When a drone had given her a questioning look, she merely smiled and waved it off stating she was doing "remodeling!", but she was all but happy about doing it.

She waited patiently and steadfast as always, with her stance wide and her arms crossed before her. There's something different about her. Maybe it's the lack of a smile. Perhaps it's a certain electricity in her blue eyes as they watch the road before her. Even her red hair is more radiant than it has been in months. It could be the light; it could be her conditioner. The truth is that Meiling is nearly whole again, and she'll need need every bit of that in order to do what must be done.

This cycle has to end.

If you approach, you'll still get a smile, but it will be somewhat forced. Empty. Distracted. ]

((OOC: Meiling made it to Round 4 without lifting a single finger. Calls may be before or after her confrontation with [ profile] wizardoftheweek, but their action thread will definitely be last unless something happens with Hiccup or even Kurt!))
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[ Toast was in the toaster, so it was time to fetch the mail! Meiling skipped out, humming tunelessly as she opened the box and pulled out... oh, that's quite a few letters. This was exciting!

She enters the house again, deposits what isn't for herself or Patchy on the coffee table, and then ascends the stairs. ]
Miss Patchouli, we have mail! And breakfast will be done soon~

[ No, she didn't read the address or anything, and just slipped her not!daughter's letter under her door before making her way back into the main bedroom to get dressed. She mumbles to herself as she digs through the closet. ] --that's weird.

[ Meiling then calls back into the hall. ]
Has anyone seen my cap? I know I can't wear it to work, but I like to have it on around the house!

((OOC: Action is closed to house-mates, but feel free to put any phone threads in here if you want!))
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[ Phone, calls to: Holland, Shiki Tohno, and Taiwan ]
Hi! I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time, but I'm wondering if you wanted to come up this Saturday to help with the gardening? I think one final push, and we'll all be done!

I'll be preparing a big dinner as thanks for coming out, so any time you can spare would be great~

[ Action : 340 Brady Lane ]
[ Speaking of dinner, Meiling knocked on the other bedroom door, calling in for its occupant. ] Miss Patchouli, dinner is ready!

((ooc: No open portion this time around, but please use this as a chance to call or show up randomly at the house if needed!))
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Flandre was right: the houses all look the same and it's rather dull. She's used to living somewhere that stands out from the rest of the world, so it was time to make this place a little more like home!

[Action : Johnathon's Tools]
[ Meiling is just picking up a 'few' supplies for her home landscaping projects. Hoes, spades, buckets, etc. You would think she couldn't carry this all by herself, but she's stronger than she looks. Just... don't be behind her when she turns around or you just might get a face full of a shovel or a rake!

Poke her? Help her shop? Wonder why the shopkeeper is giving her the cold shoulder after noticing the star on her hat,? ]

[Action : 340 Brady Lane]
[ In front of the house, Meiling is busy laying some stone for a new pathway, boxes for flowers, new wooden borders for the bushes, and in general working hard at tearing up the yard. (She already napped at work, hence all the energy!) She's wearing a pair of overalls, heavy gloves, a plaid shirt, and enough dirt to need three showers later.

Bother her? Help out? She'll be at this for a few days. Weekend taggers have the added chance of catching her taking a rest at midday~ ]

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[ She wasn't home anymore.

She was in a home; though not for long. Meiling's first response after her initial bit of flailing was to step outside. Pinching herself didn't work. Slapping herself didn't work. Fresh air would help! Meiling had been trying to focus on how she got here, when she didn't recall crossing any borders--

The border. Of course! How could she be so stupid? That must be how she came to be here, in the outside world. All she had to do was figure out where she needed to cross, and then she would be back home--

Except she... can't fly. She can't sense much of her powers at all. Panic began to set in. What was hampering her performance? Is this some trick by-- No, it can't be him. Not again! She was victorious, and this was far too... subtle to be his doing. She had to concentrate.

Anyone who walks past 340 Brady Lane will see Meiling, dressed simply in the local fashion (because she wasn't going to step outside in what few clothes she woke up in...) and meditating on the front lawn. ...she may or may not have dozed off in that relaxed position. ]
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